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Welcome to Drew Fuller Fan.com: the official fan site for actor Drew Fuller. Drew most recently portrayed Trevor LeBlanc on the hit Lifetime series "Army Wives". He also starred as Chris Halliwell on The WB's hit TV show "Charmed" after a brief stint portraying Nick Reed on The WB's short-lived TV show "Black Sash". Drew has also starred in quite a variety of films such as "The Kane Files", "The Ultimate Gift", and "Final Contract". This fan-based site contains a huge media section filled with 25,000+ images and 250+ video clips. If you would like to donate any info, images, or news please let me know. Thanks for visiting!

Please click on the image to watch an exclusive video greeting from Drew Fuller.

Fatal Instinct
Fatal Instinct
Role: Danny Gates
Status: Post-Production
Jackpot Motel
Jackpot Motel
Role: Unknown
Status: Completed
The Kane Files
The Kane Files
Role: Scott Kane
Status: Completed
Army Wives
Army Wives [Season 6]
Role: Trevor LeBlanc
Status: Completed

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Category: Gallery

“Army Wives: A Final Salute” promos added

Drew will be appearing in the 2 hour special “Army Wives: A Final Salute” airing tomorrow at 9/8c on Lifetime.

Thanks my friend Claudia for sending me a high quality version of the group photo!

Posted by Kelly on March 15th, 2014. Filed under: Army Wives,Gallery. Comments Off

Drew Fuller Fan.com Exclusive!

Kim and I were able to meet up with Drew last week (November 26th) in Los Angeles. We chatted for 2 hours about lots of things, including his career. We can officially say he is NOT returning to “Army Wives”. At the end of our time together, he followed us to our car and we were finally able to gave him the birthday project presents! He was super appreciative as always of all his fans and their support. He also mentioned he answered every single fan letter that came to him while shooting “Army Wives”. We will be getting a new fan mail address soon.

Before we left, Kim and I had a special present made just for him. We held onto it for over a year to give it to him. So what to get a guy that has everything? We had the pleasure of spending some time with Drew’s beautiful dog Tennessee while on location in Charleston in 2009. So an idea sprung and we commissioned a beautiful painting of Tennessee with lots of help from both Mama Fuller and a very talented local artist in Charleston named Missy. When Drew unwrapped his painting, he was stunned. We will NEVER forget the look, the smile that never left his face when he opened it. He made a point of telling us never to buy him another thing after this. It was very special to him and will have a special place on his wall.

We were also able to pose for a few pics and Drew decided to pose for a funny one of himself alone which you can see in the gallery. It was so great to meet up with Drew again. I can’t believe it had already been 2 years since we last saw him. We also enjoyed having lunch with Mama and Papa Fuller last week. Kim and I have met them so many times since 2009, we have actually lost count. We adore them just as much as their son, and they will always hold a special place in our hearts. Thank you for making our Thanksgiving holiday so memorable!

Please do not upload the photos elsewhere. You can link to the gallery instead. Thanks!

Posted by Kelly on December 4th, 2012. Filed under: Exclusive,Gallery. Reply: 14 comments »

Added “Army Wives” Episode 6×23 captures

I added captures from tonight’s wonderful season finale.

Posted by Kelly on September 9th, 2012. Filed under: Army Wives,Gallery. Reply: 3 comments »

Added more “Army Wives” stills

I added 7 more stills of Drew from “Army Wives” Season 6.

Posted by Kelly on September 5th, 2012. Filed under: Army Wives,Gallery. Reply: 1 comment »

Added “Army Wives” Episode 6×22 captures

I added captures from “Army Wives” Episode 6×22.

Posted by Kelly on August 27th, 2012. Filed under: Army Wives,Gallery. Reply: 1 comment »

Added “Army Wives” Episode 6×20-6×21 captures

I added captures from “Army Wives” Episode 6×20-6×21.

PS: I’m so sorry for the delay! My free time has been very limited lately.

Posted by Kelly on August 23rd, 2012. Filed under: Army Wives,Gallery. Reply: 1 comment »

Added “Army Wives” Episode 6×19 captures

I added captures from “Army Wives” Episode 6×19.

PS: Captures from this week’s episode will be added soon!

Posted by Kelly on August 14th, 2012. Filed under: Army Wives,Gallery. Reply: 1 comment »


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